District Anti-Narcotic Special Action Force (DANSAF)

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       The District Anti-Narcotics Special Action Force (DANSAF) is headed by the District Police Chief, with a DySP / ACP assigned as the District Team Leader.  Each DANSAF team will have more than 15 police officers of different ranks, selected based on their skills, track record, and genuine interest in anti-drug work. DANSAF operates as part of KANSAF activities. All members of the District Narcotics Unit are part of DANSAF. The District Police Chief conducts review meetings of the DANSAF.

   DANSAF team is working hard against drug use and distribution in Thrissur Rural District. It consists of an Inspector and an SI of the Thrissur Rural C Branch headed by the DySP. All SHOs in Thrissur Rural District have taken strict action against drug dealers and carriers and are monitoring their movements accordingly. The Special Branch, Thrissur Rural District is working in coordination with the DANSAF Squad to report any information related to drug trafficking.

  In collaboration with the Excise Department, DANSAF operates efficiently through information exchange, collection, and coordinated raids. Steps are being taken to contact the SHO&rsquos of the police stations where they are staying to investigate and track down the culprits involved in the drug case. CYBER CELL is tracking the mobile phones of criminals involved in drug cases and whether they are active on social media. SPECIAL DRIVE is being conducted in Thrissur Rural District to track the use and sale of narcotics in a timely manner and to track down the culprits involved in such cases.

   The Thrissur Rural Police District has been conducting anti-drug campaigns and awareness classes to educate students, parents and teachers about the ill effects of drugs, and has been planning and implementing anti-drug campaigns through modern social media. The Thrissur Rural Police have been conducting regular intermittent raids on all shops, large and small, suspected of selling drugs, including tobacco products, in the vicinity of schools in the district and closely monitoring these institutions.

   Student's Police Cadet, Janamaithri Project and Kerala Police 'Chiri Project' to study the problems of children and to collect drugs and tobacco products from them. And to gather information about new approaches being taken by users. Based on the information received, the police will take immediate action and take necessary legal action.

  In Thrissur Rural District, 312 NDPS cases were registered during the year 2022. 413.210 kg of cannabis, 663.365 g of MDMA, 17.852 kg of hashish oil, 0.08 g of cocaine and 5.27 g of opium were seized and 365 accused were arrested.

Last updated on Saturday 2nd of July 2022 PM