Telecommunication Unit

Kerala Police Telecommunication is the backbone of the Police Force in the State. The Police Telecommunication wing is the Communication and Technical wing of the Police Department. Telecommunication unit is entrusted with upkeep and maintenance of all communication channels and equipments. To provide Telecommunication network to the day to day policing in the District, there functioning a telecommunication unit in the district under the supervision of Inspector of Police, Telecommunication.

Office of the inspector of police Telecommunication sub unit Thrissur is functioning at Civil Station campus Ayyanthole Thrissur. This office has been maintaining the communication duties and computer /electronics equipment maintenance of all police offices / establishments in Thrissur rural and Thrissur city Police Districts. The same duties of Kap 1st Bn , IR Bn and KEPA are also done from here. There are two numbers of L/B VHF Repeater stations in the district, one is at Poomala and another is at Mala, moreover local traffic / L&O communication are also conducted at Thrissur City, Guruvayur, Kodungallur etc places.

Last updated on Wednesday 29th of June 2022 PM