Badge of Honour for Detective Excellence

To encourage and appreciate police personnel, above and below the rank of DySPs, who have spent considerable time and effort to solve mysterious crimes it is decided to recognize the excellent work by rewarding excellence in such duties with the 'Badge of Honour for Detective Excellence'. The selected Police personnel will be decorated with the Badge at a befitting ceremony. They will also be presented with a Commendation Certificate issued by the Director General of Police. The Badge of Honour Investiture Parade/ Ceremony will be conducted twice a year viz. on the 30th of May and the 1st of November. Police personnel will be permitted to wear the Badge of Honour as part of their uniform.                                         

Details of Thrissur Rural Badge of Honour Winners 2020

Sl No. Name Designation Remarks
1 Rana Dog No.331(trainer Rakesh P.R CPO 7111 & Jojo CPO 6799 Dog Squad, TSR Rural Good work with regard to Cr No.45/2020 Nedupuzha PS Cr No.06/2020 of Narcotic Raid with Excise Dept, Cr No.1590/2020 of Ijk PS, Cr No.1616/20 of Koratty PS, Cr No.24/2020 of Excise Chalakudy, Cr No.1388/20 of Viyyur PS
2 Kadavar Dog Lilly (Trainer Suresh GASI) Dog Squad, TSR Rural Detected 3 dead bodies from the soil in connection with Pettimudi Disaster in 2020.

Details of Thrissur Rural Badge of Honour Winners 2019

Sl No. Name Designation Crime
1 Famous Varghese DySP, Ijk Cr No.696/19 U/s 342,364,397,302 r/w 34 IPC of Kaipamangalam PS.
2 Jayesh Balan SI, Kaipamangalam PS "
3 Anoop P.G SI, Kaipamangalam PS "
4 M.P Muhammed Rafi SI, DCB TSR RL "
5 Santhosh M SI, C Room, Kodungallur "
6 Francis P.J ASI, SDPO Irinjalakuda Sub-Divi "
7 Jaleel M.K ASI, Azheekode Coastal PS "
8 Job C.A SCPO 5346, DCB, TSR RL "
9 M.K Gopi SCPO 5557, Vadanappilly PS "
10 Sooraj.V.Dev GSCPO 6033,  DCB, TSR RL "
11 Shafeer Babu CPO 5986, Valappad PS "
12 Jeevan E.S CPO 6332, Kaipamangalam PS "
13 Manuval M.V CPO 7417, Koratty PS "


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