Pink Police Patrol

Pink Patrol has been specifically introduced to address issues specifically related to safety, security of Women & Children in Public Space, and it is proposed to strengthen the system further is the work of the present issues. The Pink Beat includes specially trained women police personnel. These police personnel will patrol on KSRTC and private stage carriers and will be present at bus stops, schools, colleges and other public places.

The Pink Patrol cars have been equipped with GPS tracking devices as well as cameras installed on the front and rear sides of the vehicles. The camera sends continuous visuals to the control room. These patrol vehicle will be led by a women police officer and will have two other women police personnel. The patrol will be deployed in areas that have high presence of women and will function from 8 am to 8 pm.

These personnel not just monitor the insides of the crowded public buses for misuse and hassle, but also look out for anti-social activities at bus stops, schools and other vulnerable areas.

Kozhikode City Vanitha Police station is the first women police station in India, which was inaugurated by then Prime Minister of India Smt Indira Gandhi on 23.10.1973. Once again, the Kerala Police is opening a new chapter in Policing in the State, the Pink Police Patrol Control Room and the Pink Police Patrol Vehicle is indeed the first such attempt with intention to prevent atrocities and crime against the woman and children. At the Ist phase, the above system will be introduced in Thiruvananthpuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode City and will extend the same to other parts of State. It is the primary duty of the State and Police to ensure safety & security of Women & Children. As such, the Government of Kerala and Kerala Police is bound and determined to safe guard women and children from all atrocities.

It is also essential to create feelings in their mind that, they are protected from atrocities. The presence of Women Police Personnel in public places would enhance the confidence of women and would help to strengthen the perception of security in the minds of women. It is fact that, cities and urban environments are growing at an exponential rate, as millions move from rural areas to seek a better life. One of the major concerns for women in urban areas is safety in public spaces. The violence and sexual harassment in public spaces restrict women's freedom of movement, reduce their access to essential services and this would lead negative impact to their health and wellbeing. In these circumstances, in order to avoid atrocities against women and children, new methodology is to be adopted curtail the atrocities against women.

The Pink Patrol with cars (Etios & Swift) equipped with GPS tracking devices, camera installed on the front and rear sides of the vehicles sending continuous visuals to the Police control room and vehicles are operated by women police officers. Each car has three (1+3) Women Police Officer/ personnel. The patrol cars are deployed in areas that have high presence of women and functions between 8 am to 8 pm. In Chalakudy & Irinjalakuda sub-division, the Pink patrol with trained police personnel, which is now fully synchronized with ERSS number '112'. Whenever control room receives a call from 1515, it flashes the same on the concerned MDT in the pink patrol vehicle. On receiving such calls, the pink patrol vehicle moves to the victim location for providing assistance.  We propose to increase the number of Pink Patrols to two numbers in each sub divisions, to effectively address the issues related to women.  This will ensure better presence in public areas and faster response to calls in district.

The role of these police personnel are

1. Ensure the reserved seats in KSRTC or private buses for women and physically
2. challenged are not misused by the general public
3. Shutting down any avenue of eve &ndashteasing or molestation threats
4. Assist children and passengers with physical disabilities to reach their destination.  

Last updated on Monday 11th of July 2022 PM