Good Works Done 2022





►Details about the Overall performance of the Police Station.

  1. The best police station in the state in the year 2021 for the Hon&rsquoble Chief Minister's Annual Trophy has been selected Koratty Police Station in Thrissur Rural Police District.  This award is for demonstrating excellence through disciplined work in maintaining law and order and crime prevention, modernizing police stations, providing better services to improve police-public relations and designing and implementing public welfare schemes. Thrissur Rural District Police Chief Smt. Aishwarya Dongre IPS congratulated all the Police Officers of Koratty Police Station headed by SHO B K Arun were sincerely worked round the clock for this purpose.
  2. Koratty Police Station, established in 1988, has been selected as the first ISO Certified Police Station in Thrissur Rural District. Police stations receive ISO certification on the basis of services provided to the public from the station. The Koratty police station has received a lot of praise in effective crime prevention activities, Criminal investigation, law and order, ensuring public peace, and finding and prevention of drug use. Basic facilities provided at the station to public coming for various purposes are the basis for ISO certification. In addition to this, public-friendly atmosphere, Green protocol system, Attractive and affectionate police station environment, Station-mounted security system, cleaning system, Appropriate and exemplary preservation of station record are also considered for the ISO certification Resolution of grievances of the people without delay, Facility to sit and relax as much as possible at all stations, Reading Facility, Communication with students and the general public, Traffic control, room and facilities for police officers' refreshment, QR code facilities for keeping the evidences Caught the attention of the ISO authorities.

►Details of the Rescue Operations in the district

  1. Azhikode Coastal Police personnel rescued a fisherman who had an accident in the deep sea.


Saravanan, a 55-year-old fisherman, who was incapacitated due to a sudden physical disturbance in the boat Avani, which had gone for fishing in the Arabian sea, was rescued by Sub-Inspector Jalil of Azhikode Coastal Police Station, Civil Police Officer Ananthakrishnan, Marine Home Guard VIP, Srank Harris and Laskar Jawab and brought him to Munambam Harbor. Hospitalized. The life of the fisherman was saved by the timely intervention of the police officers.

►Details of the case detections in the district

1. Emigro Study Abroad Visa Fraud - Two suspects arrested.

Mijo.K, a native of Kunnamkulam, who cheated job aspirants as lakhs of rupees by offering them visas for work in foreign countries like America, Canada and UK through an organization called Emigro Study Abroad centered in Irinjalakuda. Irinjalakuda police arrested Mohan and Sumesh Antony at Chakalakkal house in Irinjalakuda. The arrest was made under the direction of Iringalakuda DySP Babu K Thomas on the instructions of Thrissur Rural District Police Chief. Their gang extorted more than 13 lakh rupees from a young man from Puthur for the visa and bank guarantee, promising to get the visa fixed in Canada. It is learned that the accused have similarly extorted lakhs of rupees from more young women. The police have started investigation about the other accused involved in the case. The arrested accused were produced in court and remanded.

2. Police seized one and a half kilograms of gold smuggled through Nedumbassery Airport in Kodungallur.

      The gold smuggled through the airport was caught while taking it to Malappuram by car. Nishaj (27) son of Hamza from Malappuram native of Vallumparam Thondi was caught while conducting a vehicle inspection during the night patrol. The gold was found hidden in his trousers and T-shirt and hidden in the gear box of the car. The gold was smuggled out of the airport in the form of five 300 gram capsules that Saheel was wearing while arriving at the airport wearing a dress with gold pearls stuck between two layers, placed in his anus and the rest hidden in his trousers and T-shirt.

3.  Kodungallur police have arrested a two-member gang who were stealing engines from fishing boats and selling them.

     The natives of Poklai are part of a gang that steals and sells engines of fishing boats from Azhikode Harbor under Kodungallur Police Station. They are

 1.Arun, 35/2022, S/O Ashokan, Punnakatharail House, Puduma, Poklai, Koolimuttam Village. 2.Sangeeth, 24/2022, S/O Sajevan, Kottekat House, Poklai, Koolimuttam Village were arrested by a special investigation team formed on the instructions of the Thrissur Rural District Police Chief Mrs. Aishwarya Dongre IPS. The accused started stealing and selling engines from the month of April 2022. The accused admitted that they had stolen and sold the engines of about five boats.

4. Two youths were arrested by police at Kodungallur for MDMA drug possession. 
Two youths were arrested with 640 grams of MDMA, the lethal drug from Pullut Viyyathkalam, near Kodungallur police station area by a special police team led by the Kodungallur DYSP and the Thrissur Rural Police DANSAF team. Following the extensive raids and proceedings in Thrissur Rural District as per NDPS Special Drive a special police team conducted a search of a vehicle near the Pullutviyathkulam on the Thrissur - Kodungallur State Highway within the Kodungallur Police Station limit and arrested Arjun, 29 years, S/o Rajagopal, Kodapulli House, Venginissery, (now residing at Thrissur-kuttur for rent). The second accused Manu, 30 years S/o Mani, Vettiyattil veedu, Ammadam, Paralam Village, was also arrested following a subsequent investigation. For the past  year, the arrested accused, Manu has been lending money at high interest rates to young people to buy drugs, and after buying and selling drugs, he has to pay back the interest.

5. Car collided with truck Police nabbed the culprits who tried to escape.

     After a 10-hour search, police found a five-member citation team, including weapons, marijuana and cash. They were taken into custody after a 'chase' by the police. Following a 10-hour search, police found a five-member team, including weapons, marijuana and cash. They were taken into custody after a 'chase' by the police. The car of the group, which was trying to escape from the police, went out of control and hit the police vehicle. Of these, 3 policemen and 2 accused were injured. Swords and marijuana were recovered from the car.

Athirampuzha residents who came from Kottayam with a citation for killing a goonda from Venginissery. Libin (39), Alex of kattadi house (21), Bibin of medayil house (25), Nikhil of Chamakkala chembakaparambil house (36), Nickolas of Nidoor thaivolikavu (21) are arrested. The Quotations team was caught in a car accident involving a truck which was stopped by Venginissery.

After moving the car to the roadside, four youths got out of the car and left. Though it was thought to be a normal accident, the police conducted an inspection and found a stick sword inside the car's trunk. After realising that a sword was the type of quotation used by the gang, the police started searching for the car that escaped. The car in which the escapees were traveling was found during an investigation focusing on CCTV footage.

6. Big hashish oil hunt at Vatanappilly!!!

      Kodungallur Special Police team nabbed two persons from Vatanpally with 7 kg of hashish oil worth Rs 1.5 crores in international market. Following the confidential information received by the Thrissur Rural District Police Chief, a special police team led by the Kodungallur DySP raided the Vatanappilly National Highway and arrested Sumesh and Sujithlal with hashish oil during a search of vehicles. The accused were caught by the police while bringing the drugs to Mala for retail sale during the celebrations like Vishu and Easter. The police have launched a thorough investigation into the source of the drug possession of the accused, those who were involved in drug dealing with the accused and those who provided financial assistance for it.

7. Three persons arrested by Thrissur rural police for smuggling hashish oil worth crores!!!

      During the vehicle inspection conducted by Police at Koratti muringoor, about 11 kg of hashish oil was seized from the vehicles KL- 08-Y-2626 Ford icon Black colour car and TN-32-U-4199 Scorpio Dark. Lishan Peringottukara, Anoop Pavaratti and Nasim Konni were the culprits in the vehicle. A Scorpio car and a Ford icon car were taken into custody. Further Investigations are being conducted by the Police.

8. Notorious robber arrested by Chalakkudy Police!!!

          Paramashivam, 34, S / o Kalimuthu, South Panavadalichatram, Sankarankovil, Tamil Nadu was taken into custody by Chalakkudy Police on 09.02.2022 by evening 7 PM, who was seen in a suspicious situation near  Kathapilly Dasan's residence, near Chalakkudy KSEB substation. On interrogation, he has been identified in connection with more than 45 robberies and housebreakings, including at Udumellpeta police station in Tamil Nadu. The accused has been handed over to Udumalpeta police by Chalakkudy police after completing the proceedings.

9. Temple robbers arrested!!!

         Three were arrested by Thrissur Rural police at Kattoor for temple robbery as per the confidential information obtained by Thrissur Rural Police Chief Ms. Aiswarya Dongre IPS. Ponjanam native kandanathara Rajesh (50 years), Iringathiruthi Sanu (36 years) and Vellanjeriveetil Sahajan (47years) were the people who were arrested. Thrissur Rural Police could caught up the culprits when they stole the brass lamps worth Rs.70000/- placed in front of the temples of Bhadrakali Devi and Bhuvaneshwari Devi located at kathirappilly family temple compound of Ponjanam, Kattoor between 6.45 pm on 19.01.2022 and 7 pm on 20.01.2022.

10. Ponnani native arrested with illegal tobacco products worth Rs. 1 lakh!!!

SainulAbid (30 years), S/o Saithali, Ambalathveetil, Ponnani, Pallapuram, Malappuram district, was arrested during the intensive vehicle inspection undergone to prevent and detect drug and illegal liquor trafficking, focused on the border of Thrissur rural district led by Ms. Aiswarya Dongre IPS on 13.01.2022. He was arrested by Thrissur rural district police at Koratty during the smuggling of illicit tobacco products worth Rs.40 lakhs from Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram via KL-22-P-6251 Bharath Benz lorry. The district police chief, Ms. Aishwarya Dongre, IPS, informed us that strict inspections would continue on national and state highways.

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