Cyber Cell

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Cyber Cell assists the investigating officers in locating the accused persons/missing persons by processing the call details received from various service providers. All cyber crimes including the complaints on abuse of social media is handled by this wing. It also assists local police in collecting digital evidence/digital data for the investigation of crimes.

  Cybercrimes are becoming a nuisance in the society especially crimes such as cyber stalking and cell phone stalking. Many of the victims are not aware about the cybercrimes and its manifestations. Assisting investigation of cases registered under IT Act, assisting investigation of other cases in which cyber assistance is needed, collecting and giving details in petitions in which cyber assistance is needed are the main works done in cyber cell. A large number of criminal cases are detected with the help of Cyber Cell by analysing the call details of the suspected persons/the mobile phones involved in cases. Cyber Cell service is effectively utilized for locating the missing persons also.

  Direct petitions are not entertained in the Cyber Cell from any of the complainants. The present system is that the complainants have to file petition / register crime case at the concerned Police Station / Higher Officer (District Police Chief). The SHO / Officer concerned will forward the petition in the prescribed proforma with the required details to Cyber Cell through the District Police Chief. The details required will be collected from the concerned legal office and the same will be sent to the Officers concerned via email.

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Last updated on Saturday 16th of July 2022 PM