Vision & Mission

    Thrissur Rural Police is committed to achieving the highest level of citizen satisfaction, by striving to provide world-class quality of police services through prompt redressal of grievances, transparent and fair enforcement of the law, maintenance of order by protecting citizen rights and individual dignity and incessant endeavour to enhance public safety. The duty of the police is to help secure a society in which the rights and responsibilities of individuals, families and communities are properly balanced. The main objectives of the police are to

1. Ensure safety and reduce disorders
2. Reduce crime and the fear of crime
3. Contribute to the delivery of justice, which secures and maintains public    confidence in the rule of law
   Thrissur Rural Police aspires to achieve excellence in the quality of criminal law enforcement, public order and citizen safety by pioneering adoption of the latest technology in the fields of forensics, evidence collection, public order maintenance, traffic enforcement and police administration in the future.


Last updated on Monday 25th of July 2022 AM