Clean Campus Safe Campus

Children are the future of Nation, On the Point of that Kerala Government introduced on 2014 vide Go (Ms). No.170/14/Home Dated.28.08. 2014.Through this government   aims tobacco free campus. Number   of projects   are conducted n Thrissur rural district as of other district in the state. Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Crime Branch acting as the Nodal officer of the Clean Campus Safe Campus Project. Clean campus safe Campus First Phase is started on 28.08.2014 in the state. In Thrissur Rural district, Number of cases are detected. Number of cases detected Tobacco products nearest schools and Colleges. Jagradha Samithies are formed with the leader ship of PTA. And more Programmes are conducted with the Participation of Students and teachers to attain the maximum aims like tobacco free Campus. Now the Second Phase of Clean Campus Safe Campus project have been Continued. More Instructions are given to all Station House Officers for Effective implementation of the project. All sub divisional officers are supervising the sub divisional effectiveness of the project.

          Bike Patrols and shadow teams have been effectively doing their duty to detect tobacco Product distributors to the children. In the first phase, there have 109 number of cases detected. In IInd Phase 480 number of cases are detected.

          The comparative study of 2 phase which revealed that the effectiveness of Clean Campus Safe Campus Project in the Future.  

The following steps are taken to attain maximum achievement to prevent tobacco free Campus. 

1. To Strengthen the activities of Narcotic Cell, formed District Narcotic Squad with the participation of all CIs.
2. In every month conducted review meetings of Excise officers and Narcotic Squad and evaluate the performance of the squad members
3. List Prepared of all the accused Persons involved in the NDPS cases in the last ten years and have been watching their present leaving conditions.
4. Evaluated the SIST member&rsquos performance on all special conference conducted by District Police Chief.
5. Directions are given to all police officers to comply the Government Order (Go.MS.No.170/2014/Home. Dated.28.08.2014 and Circular.No.34/12 dated.03.11.12, Circular.No.29/2012 dated.01.10.12), related to tobacco free Society.
6. Effective Awareness programmes are conducted with Cooperation of Janamaithri Suraksha Project Beat officers and Janamaithri samithi members.
7. In Thrissur Rural district there have number of School Protection groups are working. Special trainings are given to the SPG members.
8. College Protection groups are formed with the cooperation of PTA members to maintain the tobacco free campus.

9. To give adequate care and protective environment, Rehabilitation process is effectively conducted with the help of Social Welfare Department&rsquos Counselling, expert consultation, monitoring and skill development programmes.
10. Detected more tobacco products and drugs with the help of informants around college campus
11. Information&rsquos are collected for detecting the sale and usage of tobacco, drugs inside the college campus and its premises with the help of Informants and also appreciations are being given to the informants for their valuable helping.

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