Mala Circle

0480 - 2695005

The Circle was designed as Mala Circle and started functioning from 03.04.1987 in Mala Police Station building as per GO (MS) 17/87 Home dated 03.02.1987 and was shifted to Kodungallur on 17.06.1989 as per GO (RT) 1587/89/1Home dated 01.04.1989 and was renamed Kodungallur Circle. Again this was shifted to Mala on 05.09.1991 as per GO 4040/91 Home dated 31.07.1991 as Mala Circle and functioning in the new building with effect from 20.05.2007. Later as per GO (MS)/134/08/Home dated 28.08.2008 of Home (E) and PHQ Endt: No. S1/10859/08 dated 06.09.08 and DO No.1013/2008 dated 17.09.2008, Kodungallur PS was detached from Mala Circle for the formation of Kodungallur Circle after attaching Mathilakam PS from Valapad Circle and started functioning Mala Circle from 20.09.2008 as Mala PS alone. GO (MS) NO64/2011/Home Dated TVPM 26.02.2011 Vide Formation of Chalakudy Sub Division Mala circle has two police stations Koratty and Mala, but not implemented the order so far, now Mala circle as Mala PS only.

Mala Circle Office situated in Mala Police Station Compound. 'Inspector of Police, Mala Circle, Pin 680732' is the Postal address of the Circle Office.

Sub Division - Chalakudy

Police Stations - Mala