Cherpu Circle

0487 - 2340220

As per GO (MS) 27/94 home, Dated 24.02.1994 Cherpu Police Circle came in to existence consisting Cherpu Police Station and Kattoor Police Station. As per GO (MS) No.138/1994 Home, Dated 16.03.1994, Kattoor Police Station was detached from Cherpu Circle and Nedupuzha Police Station was attached to this Circle. As per GO (MS) No.64/2011/Home Dated 26.02.2011 and GO (MS) No.71/2011/Home Dated 28.2.2011 Nedupuzha Police Station was detached from the Circle and Anthikkad Police Station attached to Cherpu Circle.

Circle office is functioning at the upstairs of the newly constructed Cherpu Police Station building. Inspector of Police, Cherpu Circle, Pin 680561 is the Postal address of the Circle Office.

Sub Division - Irinjalakuda

Police Stations -Cherpu and Anthikkad