Good Works Done 2016

Installation of Security Cameras

Security Cameras have been installed at several places in the district to improve the surveillance system in the district. 14 Cameras have been installed at Paliakkara Toll Plaza recently, which has coverage of all the vehicles passing through this area. Steps have been initiated to install CCTV security cameras at District Borders Karukutty, Kodungallur, Cheruthuruthy, Perumpilavu and Vadakekad. Talks are underway between the private entrepreneurs and the authorities of Co-operative institutions to install more cameras in a phased manner. After the completion of installation of cameras at these areas, it is understood that major parts of district will come under the Surveillance System, which will assure mores security to the people.

Introduction of Road Accident Reduction plan (RAR – Plan)

A special Road Accident Reduction Plan (RAR – Plan) has been introduced in Thrissur Rural Police District. As per this project, detailed study has been organized by the District Police regarding the cause of accidents. Data of road accident has been collected and compiled. The places of accidents occurred has been marked using Global Positioning System (GPS) and their reasons has been recorded.

Five Kilometres of road in each Police Sub Division, at where heavy traffic and frequent accidents has been reported, taken by Police Department as a Model Road by each Sub Divisional Police Officers. Special Attention is being given to reduce the road accidents in this Model Road.

Emphasis is being given to:

  1. Educate the road users regarding the cause and methods to avoid the road accident.
  2. Improving the road infrastructures and other facilities for road in association with Local Self Government, Private organizations and Residential Associations.
  3. Strict enforcement of road laws by detecting offenders.

Formation of Anti-Narcotic Squads

To curb the menace of increased usage and trading of Narcotic substances like Cannabis, a Narcotic Special Squad (NSS) has been formed in Thrissur Rural Police District. The squad will co-ordinate its function in the Police Circle level. It is authorized to collect information regarding the narcotic traders, users, migrating labourers and end-subscribers. It is also carrying out activities of educating students and members of Residential Associations. Good number of Cases has been detected in Thrissur Rural Police District, based on the information provided by this Narcotic Special Squad.