District Police Chief

G.Poonguzhali IPS
District Police Chief, Thrissur Rural


Welcome to the website of Thrissur Rural Police. It is a matter of great honour for me to serve the people of this District as the District Police Chief. Thrissur Rural District Police is devoted to ensuring a responsive Police administration in the Rural District. It is known for its competence, grit and determination to serve the people. In the past, Thrissur District Police has exhibited its competence in handling various conflicts like law and order disturbances, goonda gangs, inter-District crime, to name a few. Challenges like Cyber Crime, Narco-terrorism, Economic Offences, Crime against women/children and other vulnerable sections of society, emerging frequently due to recent developments in society and technology, will be met in the most professional manner. Appropriate Police-Public interface will be reinforced to ensure the welfare of senior citizens, the NRIs and the victims of crime. Technological upgradation is a prerequisite for a Police organization and has been addressed significantly. This website will provide citizens of Thrissur Rural with all the information they would require to know about policing in Thrissur Rural Police District. It will also serve as a portal for receipt of complaints which will be acted upon expeditiously, as also a forum to provide anonymous information to crackdown on crime. This website is also a forum for all Citizens to comment on our performance, both good and bad. I expect that this website will be a strong tool in our partnership to ensure better policing. Please share your valuable opinion with us, enabling our better service to you. We look forward to your assistance, comments and feedback, which will help us, help you, better. I hope that the website will go a long way in promoting the objective. I am sure my colleagues and all members of the Rural District Police will continue to meet the requirements of their duty with utmost sincerity, zeal and commitment.