Koratty Police Station in Thrissur Rural district has received ISO 9001- 2015 certification

Koratty Police Station, established in 1988, has been selected as the first ISO Certified Police Station in Thrissur Rural District. Police stations receive ISO certification on the basis of services provided to the public by the station. The Koratty police station has been widely praised for its effective crime prevention activities, criminal investigation, law and order, public order, prevention and detection of drug abuse. ISO certification is based on the evaluation of the infrastructure provided to the station for various purposes. In addition, ISO certification addresses issues such as public safety environment, green protocol system, attractive and friendly police station environment, in-station security, sanitation and appropriate protection of police station records.

Quick response to complaints from the public, convenience of seating and rest for all who come into the station, readability, communication with students and the public, traffic control, space for police officers' refreshment, and the system of embedding the QR code of Thondi items has also caught the attention of ISO officials. The Janamaithri police system, the free distribution of food with the help of the Janamaithri police under the name 'Patheyam' and the treatment facilities required for the lifestyle diseases of the police officers in connection with the primary health center were the highlights. After more than three months of frequent visits by ISO officials to monitor the activities of the police station, steps have been taken to upgrade the Koratty police station to an ISO certified police station of international standard.

The Thrissur Rural District Police Chief Mrs . Aishwarya Dongre IPS led by Chalakudy DySP Shri. C.R Santosh, Koratty SHO, Shri.B.K Arun the suggestions made by him  also contributed to this achievement. Chalakudy M L A Shri. In the presence of Chalakudy M.L.A Shri. Saneesh Kumar Joseph, ISO Kerala Representative Shri.N. Sreekumar the ISO 9001-2015 certificate was issued on 03/03/2022 to the Thrissur Rural District Police Chief Mrs Aishwarya Dongre received IPS on behalf of Thrissur Rural Police.